Introduction to Wave 3

The Molchanovs Wave 3 freediving course provides you with the necessary techniques and skills to start diving safely beyond your residual volume. The main skill of this course is the “Mouthfill” equalization technique that will allow you to equalize safely whatever the depth you reach. It can be efficiently practiced during passive exhale (FRC) diving and dry exercises. In our swimming pool we will be extending your breath hold capabilities beyond three minutes and a half and continue refining your technique to enhance dynamic performances. Upon completion of the Wave 3 course you are permitted to act as an assistant in Molchanovs Freediving Courses and are entitled to partake in a Molchanovs Instructor Course. Find more information on our instructor courses here.

5 days - 650 $

What it includes

  • Extensive online manual
  • 2 pool sessions
  • 6 open water sessions
  • Theory & Dry workshops
  • Use of equipment & facilities
  • Liability insurance
  • Internationally recognized E-certification upon successful completion
  • Access to Molchanovs base training


Wave 2

OR completed crossover evaluation

Active first-aid certificate


Advanced Mental Preparation

Introduction to Attention/Deconcentration

Nitrogen Narcosis

Symptoms of Nitrogen Narcosis and how to prevent it


Advanced equalization beyond
residual volume

Decompression Sickness

Symptom of Decompression Sickness and how to prevent its occurence

Safety & Risk Management

Emergency situations and correct responses


Setting up the buoy and rope

How to build a training plan

Creating an efficient and fruitful training plan with realistic goal setting


Mouthfill Equalization

Learn the Mouthfill technique to safely equalize beyond your residual volume

FRC Diving

Practice freediving after a passive exhale

Static Coaching

Learn to effectively and safely coach your freediving buddies


Reach the mental state of deconcentration through specific exercises

Buoy Set-up

Learn how to set-up a buoy for freediving

Passing Requirements

Pool Requirements

STA 3 min 30 sec

Complete a Static breath hold of minimum 3 minute and 30 seconds

DYNB 75m

Perform a horizontal dive
of 75m using bi-fins

DNF 50m

Perform a horizontal dive
of 50m without fins

Open Water requirements

CWTB & FIM 34-40m

Perform a comfortable dive to at least 34m by pulling the rope and using bi-fins

CNF 25m

Perform a comfortable dive to at least 25m without fins

CWTB Buddying 20m

Demonstrate correct buddying techniques to a depth between 20 meters

Rescue 20m

Demonstrate correct rescue procedures in freediving emergency scenarios from a depth of 20 meters

Surface Tow 20m

Display correct surface towing technique of a minimum distance of 20m

FAQ's on Wave 3

You can check our event calendar where you will find all the Wave 1 courses planned for the next months. If none of the dates offered match your possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate.

Once you register for the course, you will be given access to the online materials including manuals, videos and exam. You can go through them at your own rhythm to prepare for the course. If you are certified with Molchanovs we recommend that you practice regularly the breathing gymnastics available on your dashboard and join some Base Training sessions beforehand.

You just need a swimming suit and sunscreen. Every other equipment you might need is included in your course. At this stage of your freediving journey, we recommend you to start owning your own equipment. We also provide towels to all our guests.

You need to hold at least one of the following freediving certifications (or equivalent) to join this course: AIDA 3, SSI Level 2, PADI Advanced, Raid Advanced. We recommend to be comfortable at 30 meters in CWT and FIM and to be familiar with the CNF technique.