Introduction to Molchanovs Wave 3 Instructor Trainer

The instructor trainer course is a milestone in your freediving teaching career as you will learn how to teach new professional freediving instructors. In this regard, the Molchanovs instructor trainer course is very special. All instructor trainer candidates must be approved unanimously by the Molchanovs education board, and only a Molchanovs board member is entitled to teach it. Camotes Freediving is the only place in the Philippines and one of the few freediving centers in the world where you can become a Molchanovs freediving instructor trainer!

Why Molchanovs?

Molchanovs is a leading freediving education platform, providing extensive online manuals written by the best freediving athletes and instructor trainers around the world. It is the fastest growing freediving agency run by freedivers for freedivers. As an instructor, you will benefit from the dynamic Molchanovs community with regular updates of the teaching materials and the assurance to teach the most recent freediving techniques.

Additionally you will be granted access to our base training database, providing you with training sessions for all levels in swimming pool and open water, as well as dry sessions including fitness, equalization and mental preparation techniques.

Last but not least, you do not need to be affiliated with a dive center in order to teach and certify Molchanovs students. Simply pay your yearly membership and teach as many courses as you want without paying any additional.

What it includes

  • 4 full days with Thibault Guignes, Molchanovs board member
  • Teaching technique for instructor courses
  • Technique to evaluate instructor candidates
  • In depth knowledge of Molchanovs education system
  • Validation of performance requirements
  • Use of equipment & facilities
  • Liability insurance
  • Internationally recognized E-certification upon successful completion


  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Being active Molchanovs W3 Instructor for at least one year or being and instructor trainer in another freediving agency
  • Having certified at least 150 students
  • Having a CPR/First Aid certificate no older than 2 years old
  • Approval of Molchanovs board through a formal application
  • Contact us for more details


  • Instructor trainer role and duties
  • Instructor course overview
  • Teaching framework
  • Molchanovs base training and community

Passing Requirement

  • Attend all 4 classroom sessions
  • Pass both the entry and the final exams
  • Demonstrate perfect technique and video analysis skills
  • Pass 1 classroom presentation
  • Pass 1 confined water skill presentations
  • Pass 1 open water skill presentations

FAQ's on Molchanovs Wave Instructor Trainer

You first need to send a formal application to the Molchanovs education board with your Curriculum Vitae, a motivation letter and the details of the certifications you hold. Contact us for more details

You will be allowed to teach Lap 2 Instructor, Wave 2 Instructor, Lap 3 Instructor upgrade, Wave 3 instructor upgrade, and instructor crossover courses.

Instructor trainer course is available online. Contact us for more details

To cross over as a trainer to Molchanovs, you need to follow the whole instructor trainer course.