Introduction to Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor

The Molchanovs Wave 2 instructor course marks the beginning of your professional freediving career. Having gathered plenty of experience throughout your freediving journey, now is the time to learn to share it in a confident, efficient, fun, and safe way with your own students. Our experienced instructor trainers Ben and Thibault, who have taught and certified hundreds of freediving instructors will spend 10 full days with you.

In this course, you will not only learn how to lead classroom sessions but also how to teach dry and in water skills. Furthermore, your Molchanovs instructor course will educate you on risk management while teaching freediving and basic marketing strategies for your business as an instructor.

Join our experienced team to start your professional freediving journey in our world class facility of Freediving Camotes.

10 days - 1350 $

Why Molchanovs?

Molchanovs is a leading freediving education platform, providing extensive online manuals written by the best freediving athletes and instructor trainers around the world. It is the fastest growing freediving agency run by freedivers for freedivers. As an instructor you will benefit from the dynamic Molchanovs community with regular updates of the teaching materials and the assurance to teach the most recent freediving techniques

Additionally you will be granted access to our base training database, providing you with training sessions for all levels in swimming pool and open water, as well as dry sessions including fitness, equalization and mental preparation techniques.

Last but not least, you do not need to be affiliated to a dive center in order to teach and certify Molchanovs students. Simply pay your yearly membership and teach as many courses as you want without paying any additional.

What it Includes

  • Extensive online manual
  • 10 full days with our instructor trainers
  • Teaching techniques for theory and dry skills
  • Teaching techniques for in-water skills
  • Validation of performance requirements
  • Use of equipment & facilities
  • Liability insurance
  • Internationally recognized E-certification upon successful completion


  • Being 18 years old of age
  • Being certified Molchanovs L3/W3 or taking a crossover evaluation with equivalent certification
  • Having a CPR/First Aid certificate no older than 2 years old
  • Being comfortable with the performance requirements


  • Teaching relaxation, breathing and mental techniques
  • Teaching framework
  • Teaching techniques for theory and dry skills
  • Teaching techniques for confined water skills
  • Teaching techniques for open water skills
  • Business and marketing
  • Risk management
  • Molchanovs base training and community

Passing Requirement

  • Attend all 9 classroom sessions
  • Pass both the entry and the final exam
  • Lead a warmup session
  • Pass 2 classroom presentations
  • Pass one dry skill presentation
  • Pass 2 confined water skill presentations
  • Pass 2 open water skill presentations

Performance Requirements

Confined Water

STA 4 min

Complete a Static breath hold
of minimum 4 minutes

DYN 100m

Perform a horizontal dive
of 100m using bi-fins

DNF 60m

Perform a horizontal dive
of 60m without fins

Open Water

CWTB 40m

Perform a comfortable dive
to 40m using bi-fins

CNF 30m

Perform a comfortable dive
to 30m without fins

15m stand-by (1min) rescue

Demonstrate correct rescue procedures after a one minute standby at 15m

FIM 40m

Perform a comfortable dive
to 40m by pulling the rope

25m rescue with 50m tow

Demonstrate correct rescue procedures in freediving emergency scenario from a depth of 25m including a surface tow of 50m

CO2 dive

Perform a 20m CWTb dive after finning on the surface for one minute with the arms above the head

FAQ's on Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor

No, you are eligible for the Molchanovs instructor crossover. Click here for more information.

You will be authorized to teach Lap 1/ Wave 1 and Lap 2/ Wave 2 courses.

We strongly advise to be comfortable with the performance requirements before joining the course. If for any reason you cannot complete them during the course, do not worry, you have one year to validate them.

Check our event page with all our next courses planned. If none of the dates fit your schedule, don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below and we will do our best to accommodate.