Welcome to Camotes Island, Philippines

The Camotes Islands are a group of four islands located about 60km east of Cebu in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. You find our dive center in the North of the western island called Pacijan Island. Panoramic, tropical landscapes and a calm sea are among the characteristics of Camotes. With a population estimated at roughly 100,000 the islands are remote and idyllic, ideal to focus on your freediving training and calming your mind in a peaceful and natural environment. Besides exceptional freediving conditions you will find plenty of ways to occupy yourself during your time outside of the water. To give you an idea , we propose you a selection of ‘Things to do in Camotes Island’.

Things to do in Camotes Island

Mount Calvario

Mount Calvario offers a panoramic viewpoint in walking distance from our dive center. It is an easy hike to the top ideal during sunset hours.

Lake Danao

Hike around Lake Danao on a 16km/10mi loop eco trail. In case you are feeling lazy you can just take the zipline to go across!

Poro Island

Our neighbouring island offers scenic motorbike rides, idyllic hikes in nature and waterfalls. Ideal for a day off from freediving. The two islands are connected through a bridge enclosed by mangroves.

Timubo Cave

In walking distance from our dive center Timubo Cave offers a refreshing underground river. We can even organize a static session, if you’re feeling adventurous.

White Sand Beaches

There are several white sand beaches on the west coast of Camotes. Perfect to spend a relaxing afternoon concluding in a beautiful sunset.

How to get to Camotes Island

After arriving at Mactan-Cebu International Airport take a taxi to either Port of Cebu or Port of Danao. The white taxis work with taxi meter, so you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged. The taxi ride to Cebu Port should cost around 350 php and to Danao Port around 600 php according to traffic.
From Cebu take the Ocean Jet ferry which departs daily at 6 am and takes about 1h45mins to arrive at Poro Pier, Camotes Islands from where we can arrange your pickup to your hotel or our dive center.
From Danao take the Jomalia ferry which takes about 2 hours to arrive at Consuelo Pier, Camotes Islands.

Danao to Camotes

Jomalia Shipping Corporation


5:30 Monday to Saturday
8:30 Sunday
11:30 Daily
14:30 Daily
17:30 Sunday
20:00 Monday to Saturday
9:30 Monday to Saturday
22:00 Monday to Saturday
You can book your ticket in advance online.



You can rent motorbikes at Consuelo pier.
Tricycles and Multicabs (small buses) are also available for hire to bring you to your destination.
We are happy to arrange your transportation, if you prefer it. Just let us know.



Ferry Time - 1h 45 mins

Pier to centre - 20 mins drive

Thinking about Accommodations?

We have selected six different hotels near to our dive center to accommodate everybody’s individual needs for comfort and budget.

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